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The Numbers Had to Tally


The Numbers Had to Tally photo If you have seen Peter Weir's epic film 'The Way Back' starring Colin Farrell and Ed Harris we urge you to read the 'Numbers Had to Tally'. It tells the true story of twenty-three year old Kazimierz Szmauz (see link below). In 1939 Kazimierz (pictured) found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time when he was picked up by the Red Army whilst trying to cross between the Soviet and Nazi occupied Zones of Poland. After lengthy interrogation he was thrown into the living hell of labour camps and their backbreaking work norms.

'The Numbers Had to Tally' is a remarkable story of imprisonment and survival against all the odds.


ISBN: 9780955229572  RRP £8.99
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Kazimierz Szmauz
1916 - 2011

The Numbers Had to Tally
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