The Last Flight of L33 and


The Last Flight of L33 and other stories
1914 – 1918

The Bill Poster of Thurstone,
Was a Blow Struck with a Dead Chicken?
The Incident at Cobweb Corner
and more including the Last Flight of L33

The Great War
1914 – 1918, Eastern England

The nation was at war. It was a time When there was no television, no radio and of course no social media. Telephones were a rarity and photography was in its infancy.  News only came from the printed word, which was heavily censored, or spread by word of mouth. On the western front millions of men endured terrible conditions. It was the time of trench warfare, massed coils of razor wire with death and destruction on an industrial scale. Poison gas was used as a weapon and tanks made their first appearance.
However, on the home front, despite a horrible conflict just a short distance away and a distinct shortage of hard news from the battlefields, other local matters fascinated the reading public. Consequently life in the county went on much as normal. The chapters in this book have been inspired by true events based on contemporary newspaper reports between 1914 and 1918. Some names and locations have been changed. Dialogue has been added to bring the characters to life.

The Last Flight of L33 and other stories 1914 – 1918

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