Animals Children’s Encyclopedia

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ANIMALS Children’s Encyclopedia
500 illustrated facts. Five core areas – mammals, birds, sharks, reptiles, and amphibians.

What is SHARK’S skeleton made out of? How big is a BALD EAGLE’S nest? Where do TARANTULAS live? These and hundreds of other fascinating questions about animal life are answered in this information-packed, highly illustrated encyclopedia.

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Animals Children’s Encyclopedia Book – 500 Illustrated Facts: A Gateway to Wildlife Education

The Animals Children’s Encyclopedia Book with its treasure trove of 500 illustrated facts is a captivating educational resource tailored to young explorers, unlocking the mysteries of the animal kingdom. This book is a perfect addition to any child’s library, offering an immersive and enriching journey through the world of wildlife.

Key Features:

  1. 500 Fascinating Facts: This encyclopedia is brimming with 500 carefully curated facts about animals from all corners of the globe. From the smallest insects to the mightiest mammals, it offers a comprehensive insight into the diverse world of wildlife.
  2. Vibrant Illustrations: The book is adorned with vibrant and detailed illustrations that vividly bring these creatures to life. Each image serves as a visual aid, making learning a delightful and memorable experience.
  3. Accessible Information: The facts are presented in a child-friendly manner, making complex biological concepts easy to grasp. Each fact is bite-sized, allowing young readers to absorb information without feeling overwhelmed.
  4. Curiosity-Stimulating: Beyond the facts, the book encourages young minds to ask questions and explore further. It sparks curiosity and a thirst for knowledge, inspiring children to delve deeper into the world of animals.


  • Knowledge Enrichment: The Animals Children’s Encyclopedia Book is a treasure trove of knowledge. It enriches children’s understanding of the natural world, promoting an early interest in biology and zoology.
  • Language Development: Reading and discussing the facts in this book enhances language skills, including vocabulary expansion and reading comprehension. It encourages children to express themselves and engage in conversations about the fascinating world of animals.
  • Scientific Inquiry: By encouraging questions and providing answers, this book cultivates scientific inquiry. It teaches children the valuable skill of critical thinking, which they can apply in various aspects of their lives.
  • Connection to Nature: Learning about animals fosters a profound connection to nature. It instils empathy for wildlife and reinforces the importance of conservation and biodiversity.

The Animals Children’s Encyclopedia Book – 500 Illustrated Facts is a gateway to wildlife education, inspiring a lifelong love for animals and the natural world. With its rich content, captivating illustrations, and educational benefits, it is a valuable resource for parents and educators alike. This encyclopedia sparks curiosity, enriches young minds, and nurtures a deep appreciation for the incredible diversity of life on our planet. Open the door to the animal kingdom for your child and let their imagination and knowledge flourish.

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