Hadleigh Heritage Programme

Scheduled Talks for 2022

Wednesday 18th May 2022
Belfairs/ Leigh U3A
Leigh on Sea, Essex
Subject, 366 Days in Essex

Wednesday 1st June 2022
The Hertfordshire Constabulary Great War Society
Welwyn Garden City
Subject, They Did Their Duty, Essex Farm

Wednesday 8th June 2022
Friends of Old Chapel
Subject, The Enigma of Boudicca

Thursday 9th June 2022
Take Heart
Subject, The Unseen Enemy

Monday 13th June 2022
Chalkwell Park Methodist Church
Subject, Buffalo’s Bills Wild West
with David Dunford

Thursday 23rd June
Frinton-on-Sea Rotary Club
Subject, Essex Farm, They Did Their Duty

Wednesday 29th June 2022
Babergh Oddfellows
Sudbury, Suffolk
Subject, The Enigma of Boudicca

Thursday 30th June 2022
Billericay & Shenfield Probus
Shenfield, Essex
Subject, Snatched from Essex

July 20th 2022
Riverside Women’s Club
Subject, The Riddle of Boudica

Tuesday, 16th August 2022
Upminster U3A

Subject, The Unseen Enemy

Wednesday 5th October 2022
Pagelsham WI
East End Pagelsham

Subject, Poet’s Corner

Thursday 13th October 2022
Take Heart
Subject, Snatched from Essex

Monday 21 November 2022
Brentwood and District Metal Detecting Club
Subject, The Enigma of Boudicca

December 21st 2022
Limebrook U3A
Subject, They Did Their Duty, Essex Farm

Scheduled Talks for 2023

Wednesday 25th January 2023
Bowers Gifford U3A
Bowers Gifford
Subject, The Enigma of Boudicca

New Talk

The Roman occupation of Britain lasted over 350 years. In AD 60, seventeen years after the Romans arrived, Queen Boudica led an uprising which resulted in the destruction of Colchester, London and St Albans. The rebellion was short lived and resulted in a harsh crackdown.
Yet in later years Roman rule was interrupted by several uprisings and incursions by the ‘natives’. In AD 185 part of the occupying Roman Army mutinied and 100 years later the Roman Commander Marcus Aurelius Carausius proclaimed himself Emperor of an independent Britain. Yet, in turn, the insurrections were supressed, the mutiny put down, the usurper overthrown and Roman rule returned to more or less normal.
Yet, despite of all the upheavals in the British Isles during Rome’s long tenure, it is only Boudica who is especially remembered.
This illustrated talk explores the ‘facts’ of Boudicca’s rebellion so far as it is known and examines the resultant Heritage, Legacy and Mythology grown up around it.

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